Another season begins!!

The band HORIZON is in the Dothan area with a new attitude and some fresh new music. We decided to give this season of club work a new twist. With that in mind, we worked on bringing our audience a sound that we hope will stimulate, as well as a visual excitement that is new to the area. We had our work cut out for us.

Grace under pressure. Pam and the band set out to brainstorm how to inject a new excitement into the band HORIZON without overdoing it. We wanted to electrify without losing that hometown touch. HORIZON was booked a few weeks, and we were running out of time. The decision was made to keep the band three piece, but add keyboards and expand the group socially. That would mean many hours and rehearsal, and going to a musical area that was alien to all of us. Add in three gazillion watts of lighting, effects, and more sound reinforcement and a tight schedule, and this was going to be a lot of work. We hope that you enjoy the finished product, ...Virtual visual.


Video from when we performed as Rodeo Drive

Pam Mason